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Updated: 4/7/2014 (6 years ago)
Originally Posted: 8/22/2010
Total Views: 4,315
Owner: Adam Deen
Forum Nickname: IAughtNaut
Location: Cleveland, OH

Model: 2000 Pro Air Nautique
Length: 21
Engine: Ford PCM GT-40
HP: 300
Hours: 280

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I bought this boat from a CCF member in June of 2010 (Thanks Lee!). This is my first Correct Craft, really first boat of any kind, but I grew up on my dadís í75 Ski so I guess you could say Iíve always had Nautique blood.

I live in Cleveland, OH and keep the boat on Lake Erie, where its actually not as hard to find good water as you might think. When I picked it up in South Carolina, the first thing I did was take it to my parentís house in Georgia to surprise my dad. Heís an old school guy, a veteran of Cypress Gardens, Sea World of Ohio, and The Tommy Bartlett Show in the Wisconsin Dells, so the first thing he said when I pulled it into the drive was "I like your trailer". We took both boats out together the next day. My mom was up because for 30 years sheís called my Dadís boat "The Nautique" and now doesnít know what to call mine.

Iíve been skiing my whole life, and decided that now would be as good a time as any to learn to wakeboard, and with the exception of a few minor repairs, this boat has given me all I could hope for. I donít have too many buddies in this area who are used to skiing when the temperatureís above freezing, but they all agree that the cup holders are just the right size to hold a cold beer.

UPDATE 2/1/2011: I said above that it was in my blood...check out these pictures my mom found of my grandfatherís 1970 Skier, affectionately known as "The Red Monster". Thatís me in the last pic, probably about age 5, framed by the same boat. Sadly, the monsterís no longer with us, my dad gave her to an uncle of mine who broke the trailer axle on an overpass towing it across the PA turnpike.
Adam Deen
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