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Updated: 11/4/2016 (74 days ago)
Originally Posted: 6/19/2008
Total Views: 2,288
Owner: Tim Benjamin
Forum Nickname: TRBenj
Location: Goshen, CT

Model: 1971 Skier
Length: 16.5
Engine: Conquerer Crusader 220 (302)
HP: 220

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Update Oct 2016:

In the nearly 10 years I've owned this boat, I've done very little beyond routine maintenance... There were a few (non-original) things about it that bugged me, but the boat looked and ran so good that I was hesitant to mess with it too much. That finally changed this year.

Last winter, the plywood top floor was removed, and the gray carpet was taken out. I dug out the foamed/fiberglassed exhaust pockets and replaced the original hoses. The interior walls got scrubbed clean of carpet residue (revealing the original splattered gelcoat) and the floor panels were recovered in Nautolex Shark vinyl. I removed the white paint from the front and rear scoops, revealing the original Inca Gold gel underneath. The boat did not come with a mirror from the factory, so installed a more period correct (west coast style) mirror and brackets in place of the black Cipa that had been put on before my time. I had already swapped a few gauges last year (including tach and speedo) so the interior is essentially back to original condition now.

Earlier this month, the boat was towed down to the Pinkham Boys Boat Club (BBC) where it got a heart transplant in the form of a hot 331 stroker longblock. All original Conquerer Crusader dressings were swapped over, and everything was painted the original Crusader Blue, complete with recreated original decals. This heart transplant was made possible by our generous CCFan friends as a wedding present to my wife and I... A gift we will both love and enjoy for many years to come. We were engaged on this boat, and despite all of the other Correct Crafts I have/had, this one always has, and always will be my favorite. Now it looks and runs just the way it should- finally a project that I can actually call finished. A huge thanks to all our friends who helped make this happen.

The inaugural launch with the new powerplant took place at the Badin Lake, NC reunion ('16), subsequent trial runs and engine break in scheduled for early Jan 2017 in NC. Can't wait to get a little more seat time. :)
Tim Benjamin
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