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Updated: 5/2/2012 (4 years ago)
Originally Posted: 6/19/2008
Total Views: 1,838
Owner: Tim Benjamin
Forum Nickname: TRBenj
Location: Goshen, CT

Model: 1971 Skier
Length: 16.5
Engine: Conquerer 220 (302)
HP: 220

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This Skier has been on my wish list for quite some time, and I am very happy to finally call it my own!

This boat’s original owner kept it on our lake for 20 years, so I have memories of seeing this boat from a very young age. I am the fourth owner- the first 3 had a history of not using the boat very often. My uncle (the last owner) estimates that it probably has about 300 original hours- which is reflected in its condition. With the exception of the carpet (which was tastefully added ~15 years ago), the boat is largely original- including the interior vinyl. I will be re-installing the stock pieces not shown in the pictures, including the pylon, tach and period-correct Airguide speedo, which have all been kept with the boat. I also plan to remove the water line stripe, as I dont believe the boat originally came from the factory with one. If I add one in the future, it will be in the proper location.

After a 10 year hiatus, the boat will again be spending its summers on Tyler Lake in Goshen, CT.

Update October ’08:

Early this summer, I removed the boot stripe and buffed the boat out. There is still some slight fading at the waterline since the boat sat in the water most of its life. A little wetsanding should bring it back, but Im happy to report that the oxidation came right out with the wheel. The original pylon has been put back in, though Ive yet to replace the tach and speedo. A tune up has the boat running very well- the original Conquerer is now pushing the boat to 47 using a Federal 12x14 prop. The trailer received some preventative maintenance this spring- new axle, springs, bushings, hubs/bearings, wheels, GY Marathon tires, and I added a spare tire mount. This boat made the the trips to both the Green Lake and Lake George CCFan Reunions in 2008.
Tim Benjamin
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