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Peter Brainard    Forums Nickname: 8122pbrainard
Northfield , IL   Length: 14.5
1954 Atom Skier Super Delux
Engine: Correct Craft Hours: N/A
Hull ID:

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In 1975 I was working at a marina in northern Wisconsin when the Atom came in as a trade in. Being a Correct Craft fan, I immediately went to my boss and remember paying $200 for it. It had seen allot of use in its day and was taking on water quite rapidly. Being a plywood boat this was a bad sign that allot of work was needed. The bright [varnished] deck and transom plywood was weathered beyond repair requiring replacement and turned out to be basically the only new wood needed. The following winter I rebuilt the complete engine which being an old flat head was easy due to its simplicity. The hull then sat for 10 years due to other priorities before I had the time to dig into it. Upon starting on the hull it was very apparent why it was taking on so much water. Correct Craft back then used a linseed oil based bedding compound between all the seams and frames. The compound had completely dried out and I was literally able to unscrew the boat. The paint scheme and the colors are the original that Petit still makes. After about 800 man-hours it was ready for the water and being an ACBS member,showing. The Atom has received “best of show” that I am very proud of.
It has been a real fun boat to cruise and occasionally ski with. Yes, just like the old pictures from Cypress Gardens it will pull 4 skiers [2 ski] and remember the skis back then were like toboggans.

The trailer is a 1955 TeeNee I found that had been laying out in the weeds for 25 years. It too required a lot of work to patch/reinforce the rusted holes, pull the axel forward for the inboard, re-spring, make bunks, sandblast and paint. The early TeeNee’s came with coil springs and shock absorbers so it is the smoothest riding trailer I have ever pulled.

For day-to-day skiing we have a restored 77 Tique that I am very proud of as well.

Keep everything as original as possible, Pete

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