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Updated: 10/16/2013 (7 years ago)
Originally Posted: 6/24/2009
Total Views: 6,003
Owner: Alan & Dana Arrighi
Forum Nickname: 81nautique
Location: Big Rock, IL

Model: 1955 Hurricane
Length: 19
Engine: 331 Chrysler Hemi
HP: 200

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Here is our 1955 Correct Craft 19’ Hurricane. It is a 30th Anniversary Edition with the “Cyclonicolor Styling” that came on many of the 1955 Models. Not much is known about this model as it was only manufactured for two years. It is rather unique in that it is double planked mahogany both bottom and top sides, most Correct Craft’s of this era were plywood construction. This made for a fairly expensive boat for the times and probably the reason it was not very popular. It has a sloped transom which gives it a very sleek look and tends to make the boat look longer than it is. Topsides and deck have a unique combination of paint and bright finish that create an arrow motif that runs the length of the boat.

This boat was discovered in a barn where it had been sitting since 1975 covered in a thick layer of dust. The boat was brought to its new home in Alabama in 2001 where it was disassembled for refinishing but after 7 years an illness brought that effort to a halt and the boat went for sale again. We stumbled upon this project through this site. I had been looking for a wood boat to restore for several years and there was something unique about this one so we pulled the trigger. As far as we can determine this is the only Hurricane in existence and could possibly be the only Correct Craft with a Hemi power plant. The boat sure draws a crowd wherever she goes, it is as unusual as they come.

The restoration took 4 years and the boat was taken down to the framework. We''re still not completely finished with her but as of October 2013 she''s had a few successful outings and the punch list is getting smaller. We hope to have her running perfect for next spring so we can start running her around to the various CCfan gatherings.

Alan & Dana Arrighi
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