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SJRR 2023 ??

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Printed Date: June-12-2024 at 3:08pm

Topic: SJRR 2023 ??
Posted By: Morfoot
Subject: SJRR 2023 ??
Date Posted: December-13-2022 at 8:57am
 It's that time of year again to decide if there is enough interest to do a River Ruckus 2023? I've had a few CCFans asking me if there was a plan on doing one for next year and the answer has been. I Don't Know. From the looks of Cabin and RV slip Availability it's slim pickens. Best date for numerous cabins is 11 Cabins and one small RV slip is March 30 - April 2. Only 9 cabins and 3 RV slips available March 23-26th. I know we've had a couple of RV'rs in the past, ( reid & Rodney) so only Reid get his small RV in the slot if he came. The 11 available cabins would go pretty quickly so it's all gonna depend on what y'all wanna do and how many will make the trip. 

Sooooooooooo.... What'da Y'all wanna do????


  Parramores called me at 11;30am and wanted to know if we were coming. Cabins are booking up and the best weekend for availability is 3-30 to 4-2. They are pretty Vacant the last weekend in April if we wanted to push the Ruckus to April 27 but that's pretty late but again it's up to the attendees to decide. The 10% discount will apply to us CCFans as usual and all Cabins have redone andthey do have a 4 BR cabin for those who need that much room.

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Posted By: mmfarmer1
Date Posted: December-13-2022 at 4:32pm
The Farmers are definitely in for a 2023 Ruckus!!! The best week for us (just throwing out my preference) would be March 23-26 due to that is spring break for us here in FL. This is also the week of the antique boat show if we wanted to attend also?? Either way, we can make it work....

Posted By: chessie
Date Posted: December-13-2022 at 8:52pm
Dilkes are in 30 - 2 Sunnyland boat show 23 -26 do shore no camper this year may travel back and forth hate to take a cabin from some one travelling 

Posted By: Fl Inboards
Date Posted: December-14-2022 at 10:22am
Team Seal Tentatively in what ever weekend. semi retired now. on the mend from hip replacement. be ready for some ski and river time. we will stay at the Guyers in Pierson. might want to engage in a slip though at parramores..

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Posted By: Gators_80
Date Posted: December-15-2022 at 10:17am
We have something going on March 25 and April 1st. We would probably come on the 24th for the day but we would not be able to come down on the 31st.

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Posted By: Nautiquehunter
Date Posted: December-16-2022 at 11:47am
It would be nice to be able to go to the antique boat show again.

Posted By: rebel skier
Date Posted: December-17-2022 at 9:22am
I have to host colleagues from 40 different universities and colleges in Nashville starting with an opening session on Sunday the 2nd.  But if that is the weekend I am going to do my damndest to be there Saturday with my thumb up hoping to hitch a ride with one of y'all, and then fly home. 

Hotty Toddy lets go skiing!

Posted By: Morfoot
Date Posted: December-27-2022 at 7:51am
 Greetings all! I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and Santa was good to all y'all.  After making a few calls to some regular attendees and the 12 years that we've been doing the SJRR at Paramores Fish Camp. We are gonna try a new location for 2023. We're relocating the 2023 River Ruckus to Renegades on the River in Georgetown, which is still on the St. Johns. The "resort" is a little bit North of Lake George but has much better accommodations in cabin rental/RV slots, has a restaurant, with a separate Tiki Bar on site, has views of the river so we can probably ski just 100' or so off the dock, and we won't have to leave the campground for anything. The Boat Ramp is first class so you we can launch our boats without fear of dropping  the trailer of the edge, loosing or ripping of an axle like we do at Parramores. The boat slips and dock are also top notch, and some are available with a hoist, so your boat doesn't have to sit in the water. Gas is also available on site.
The new date is set for April 6-9th. Yes, I know that it's Easter Weekend, but our good friend Reid had already reserved all the cabins for that weekend not knowing it was Easter. It will probably be a one-time thing as in the future we can look ahead and decide what weekend we have a Ruckus and reserve all 6 Cabins for 2024. That's the bad point. Of the 6 cabins available........ 2 are already taken as I have got one, and Jbear has the other at the time of this post. One Cabin can sleep 14 and is obviously a bit pricier but if there are couples that get along great and Vaca together then this might be better for you. If you are going and want to claim one of the 4 remaining Cabins then you will need to contact me as Reid and I have a list of who has a cabin. Calling Renegades won't do you any good as he has them reserved.  There are RV slots available for that weekend so if you're doing the RV thing then call and reserve a slot. Reid and Rodney already have so they'll be there as well. Any overflow will have to go up the road or down the road to two other campgrounds on the river.  Bass World Lodge & Marina, Rivers Edge RV or Georgetown Marina and RV Park . They are 3 miles or less from Renegades by land and probably closer by sea. They all have cabin rentals available and at a much lesser rate than Renegades.

 Depending on what the group wants to do we can do the Ocklawaha River run as we always do on Friday or change it up and run North on the River to Jacksonville or head up the SJR to Dunn's Creek down to Crescent Lake and run down to Three Bananas which we have done in the past. It'll be a change from the norm, something different but the best thing is that we won't have to trailer boats, to run a different river. We'll already be wet and ready to run. 

 Check out the new location Renegades On the River and the other campgrounds listed and plan on attended the CCFan Annual St' Johns River Ruckus 2023. Sometimes change is good and I'm not one for change but from everything I've heard about this new spot I'm even more excited about a Ruckus. If we hate it, then we'll go back to Parramore's but we may just end up like Mikey! Tongue

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Posted By: fanofccfan
Date Posted: December-27-2022 at 10:30am
That sounds like a great alternative!  I am looking at my schedule.

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Posted By: Morfoot
Date Posted: January-11-2023 at 11:42am
So latest update which is very little but we're still a go for launch at Renegades on Easter weekend. The grillmaster Fireman Farmer stopped by for a few brews on the dock this past weekend and he said he was a go. He took is looking forward to the change and heading to new adventure on the St. Johns River. Looks like we may head to 3 bananas on Fri but we're still early in the game.

Jbear  Cabin #1
morfoot  Cabin #2
Farmer  Cabin #3
ReidP    RV slip
Rodney   RV Slip

 Make it happen ya'll!!!

"Morfoot; He can ski. He can wakeboard.He can cook chicken.He can create his own self-named beverage, & can also apparently fly. A man of many talents."72 Mustang "Kermit",88 SN Miss Scarlett, 99 SN "Sherman"

Posted By: rosconole
Date Posted: February-10-2023 at 9:50pm
Should be good weather .Bass Pro has bought 5200 acres near there in Putnam county as big as Disney resort like the Big Cedar in Missouri.

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Posted By: Morfoot
Date Posted: February-25-2023 at 12:20pm
Okay Gang, so were almost a month away from the Ruckus and its been slow going on this thread but I just got off the phone with Reid. He needs to know if there are any other CCFans planning on attending because if not then he needs to inform Renegade that the Deluxe Cabin and the other 2 Cabins will not be needed. Having just returned from The Daytona 500 and staying in the deluxe cabin he said the Race Crew had a great time at the campground. Spent A LOT of time at the Tiki Bar on site as it was just a cool place to be. Everything about it was just just really cool. I told him I would make one last post about cabin availability before they get released. So if you're going ....I need to know NOW!

Cabin #1    Jbear & GStarr
Cabin #2   Morfoot
Cabin #4    MFarmer
RV               ReidP
RV.               Rodney
RV.               ArtC
Local.          Les Todd

"Morfoot; He can ski. He can wakeboard.He can cook chicken.He can create his own self-named beverage, & can also apparently fly. A man of many talents."72 Mustang "Kermit",88 SN Miss Scarlett, 99 SN "Sherman"

Posted By: mmfarmer1
Date Posted: February-28-2023 at 2:26pm
Ski boat Steve-Local will be attending (rv spot). Let's go people.....Beautiful Florida weather is calling, wax em up, pack those bearings, and plan on hitting the road for a GREAT Ruckus!!!!

Posted By: mmfarmer1
Date Posted: March-08-2023 at 10:37am
GETTING CLOSE!!!!! Any others interested in the SJRR?? I may have another South Florida attendee who is trying to make plans for the weekend. Any thoughts on destinations for the weekend??

Posted By: Morfoot
Date Posted: March-08-2023 at 11:42am
Mike, I guess the few of us that are going can just play it by ear when we all get there. Weather permitting we can run up to Jacksonville on the water or head up to Dunns Creek and navigate the twisty turns into Cresent Lake and head to Three Bananas Pub. It's a nice little run and a fun journey. Seeing the low turnout here then maybe we'll skip the Sat night cookout and head to the Essex or just walk the 50 feet or so from the ramp to the Tiki Hut Bar. Not sure if the ruckus has run its course of gatherings or cause it's on Easter weekend.Ermm 

  Great group of seasoned Ruckus Veterans that are attending so we'll have a great time anyhow. Looking forward to seeing the new location and exploring around the area on a SN.

"Morfoot; He can ski. He can wakeboard.He can cook chicken.He can create his own self-named beverage, & can also apparently fly. A man of many talents."72 Mustang "Kermit",88 SN Miss Scarlett, 99 SN "Sherman"

Posted By: Gary S
Date Posted: March-08-2023 at 1:35pm
Put my vote in for the 3 Bananas. But I'm not towing any boats full of stinkin catfish." rel="nofollow">

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Posted By: Morfoot
Date Posted: March-21-2023 at 6:00am
Just an update as things have changed a little bit. Looks like Jbear is out for the long weekend as some things have come up changing his and Patti's plans. If you're FB friends with Jbear then you know. Just a handful of folks coming down and looks like a college classmate of mine and her hubby are gonna join us on Fri. A few of Reids friends and family are gonna fill up the rest of the cabins for the boating weekend. As it stands the traditional Sat night cookout ain't gonna happen since there are so few of us this year so we'll just head out via water or walk to the on site restaurant. Scouting reports said the Sat night is Prime Rib night so I'm all in for that. Sounds like 3 Bananas is the plan for Fri so we'll navigate up river, down Dunns Creek, threw Lake Cresent and head to the Bar at the end of the lake. Looking forward to the new location, new parts of the river to discover and warm sunny weather.

"Morfoot; He can ski. He can wakeboard.He can cook chicken.He can create his own self-named beverage, & can also apparently fly. A man of many talents."72 Mustang "Kermit",88 SN Miss Scarlett, 99 SN "Sherman"

Posted By: mmfarmer1
Date Posted: March-24-2023 at 11:15am
Less than 2 weeks out!! Anyone else????Looking forward to a great weekend.

Posted By: rebel skier
Date Posted: April-05-2023 at 8:17pm
Safe travels Ruckus crew!  Wish I was joining you all.  Have fun, burn a lot of gas, eat well, keep it between the navigation buoys!  

Hotty Toddy lets go skiing!

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