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Fly High X-Pole Bow Strap Needed

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Topic: Fly High X-Pole Bow Strap Needed
Posted By: RadaRider
Subject: Fly High X-Pole Bow Strap Needed
Date Posted: April-07-2016 at 10:09am
I just bought a new fly high x-pole on ebay for my 98 sport and it came w/out a bow strap. I'm told I need an endless polyester round sling for this purpose. From some of the pictures I've seen of a complete unit that appears to be what is supplied as the OEM part. Two questions. Is there something special about needing to use an endless poly round sling vs a regular web type sling? Isn't the purpose simply to give forward tension and support when there is a rider on the pole pulling aft when on line? Secondly, can anyone that has one tell me the length it needs to be? I can't get the pole on my pylon while the boat is in the garage and just haven't pulled it out to make the measurement from the clip down through the bow eye back to the clip myself. The pole only slides down on the boat pylon about 18" to the stop pin which is maybe about halfway (i.e. not all the way to the floor). I'm sure anyone that is familiar with the x-pole knows this already. (Note: I have the short pylon in my boat) I know there is an adjustment to the cables but I don't want to have to take a ton out if I don't have to. I see them in 3-5-6 ft lengths. The 3 ft obviously will be too short but I'm thinking the 6 ft ought to be about right as the 5' seems to be an unusual oddball length I may not even find again. I am planing to get some black foam pipe insulation (i.e. noodles) and cut off a foot or two to slip over each side of the straps to give some padding where it touches and might rub on the sides of the rub rail and deck as it wraps around. 'purchiate any advice.

Posted By: backfoot100
Date Posted: April-07-2016 at 10:46am
Check" rel="nofollow - this out.
Get the width, length and material you want. You don't need those noodles either. The strap by itself won't hurt the rubrail. The noodles will just crush and be kinda useless anyway.

If you find something similar locally, that works too. Lots of options.

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Posted By: Hollywood
Date Posted: April-07-2016 at 11:53am" rel="nofollow - Liftall™ Round Sling, BSEN30 Purple Label
You want the 6' length. It's only $18 but shipping is almost as much. Or you can call Barefoot International and pay $90 theirs.

No noodles. You want it tight to the nose anyway, no give.

Posted By: RadaRider
Date Posted: April-07-2016 at 2:01pm
I just ordered it. $18.60 + $15 for shipping. Definitely seems like the best way to go. Thanks Hollywood.

Posted By: LaurelLakeSkier
Date Posted: April-07-2016 at 11:55pm
Sorry that I'm a little late to the party but they're also available" rel="nofollow - HERE via Amazon for $15.46. If you're an Amazon Prime member - free shipping.

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Posted By: Hollywood
Date Posted: April-08-2016 at 12:04am
Can you get it in black for that price? Purple is a color code for its strength, the black one I posted has a purple label. It's sheath is black to blend in with theatrical rigging backdrops.

Both Skylon brand pylons I've purchased came with the LiftAll sling. I bet BI has their own built, there is no label. The BIs seem to fade out quick though.

Posted By: Jonny Quest
Date Posted: April-27-2016 at 1:51am
I use a 1 inch Lift-All polyester strap (gray tuff-edge) on my extended pylon. I went with the sewn in eye loops on each end as I don't much like the continuous loop. It works great. I think I paid around $12 + shipping from


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