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Updated: 7/2/2019 (457 days ago)
Originally Posted: 6/2/2018
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Owner: Jack Winn
Forum Nickname: Juniorwoody
Location: Oak Hill, FL
Phone: (860) 309-7705

Model: 1960 Atom Skier
Length: 16
Engine: 327 AMC
HP: 188
Hours: 333
Hull ID: CF76382H0060P
Price: $6,000 -

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CCF Price Index: 1960 Atom Skier  (n=5)
Quite a bit of information about this boat in the CCF Forums:

I took a trip to Seattle from CT to fetch this boat. The fins made me do it. It has been a fun ride and a bit over exciting at times. Time to find a new owner so I can get to the other two Correct Craft wooden jewels we have. It is sad that these boats are not worth a little more as I can assure you I have a bunch more into it than the price I ask. Such is the way with boats. Still. I''d do it again. Update. Have been working on the finishes which were neglected. Starting to look like the jewel it is and have decided to price it appropriately.
Jack Winn
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