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Updated: 6/30/2013 (8 years ago)
Originally Posted: 6/30/2013
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Owner: Chris Boziel
Forum Nickname: Frankenotter
Location: Milwaukee, WI

Model: 1996 Ski Nautique 176
Length: 17.6
Engine: PCM 351
HP: 240
Hours: 940

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I bought this 1996 from a couple in Cedar Rapids after having it inspected by our own SNobssessed/Chris. They kept the boat on Lake Delhi, which apparently was one of the lakes that drained after a damn broke. As a result, it sat on a driveway for a couple years. I spent the winter tracking down one problem at a time. The POís were really nice people but it was apparent they werenít very mechanical. Over the period of 5 months I tackled over 30 projects including speedo tubes, swim platform, temp and oil senders, steering cable, and exhaust manifolds. There was a lot of exterior corrosion on the engine components so Iíve slowly been replacing hardware and gaskets as needed. The dash wiring was a bit of a mystery. At some time someone wired the radio by wrapping the wires into a ring terminal and then securing them with cloth medical tape. With the help of skutsch/steve we were able to clean everything up with German-like precision.

The engine was in unknown condition beside the fact that it turned with a breaker bar. When it came time to start for the first time in 2+ years, it fired right up and ran like a champ with the help of CCF Chris Quinner. Since that first start, the engine has been running like a champ. With the 240hp 351 and a stock prop, it does low 40ís WOT.

Future projects in the short term include replacing the ďde-tunedĒ rudder, getting an ACME Prop, fitting a bimini, replacing the bilge pump, and LOTS of trailer work.
Long term projects will include fixing a few chips in the gel coat, replacing the heads with GT 40ís, and replacing the brake system on the trailer.

I have been literally obsessed with these boats since I was a child bringing this one back from a shallow grave has been extremely rewarding. Iíve been blown away with the amount of support from fellow CCF members during these projects. People have gone completely out of their way to help me with projects that were waaaaaay above my head. Iím looking forward to enjoying this boat for years to come.
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