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Updated: 6/14/2005 (16 years ago)
Originally Posted: 9/7/2004
Total Views: 5,774
Previous Owner: Brad Harper
Location: Groton, MA

Model: 1965 Barracuda SS
Length: 17
Engine: Chrysler 318 V8
HP: 220

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I found this boat in the local want advertiser in 2002, shortly after buying a cabin on a small lake in New England.

<#photo2#>I’m not certain where or why the “Ski Nautique” decals came from, but it sure gives the boat a nice modern look. In fact, a couple people have asked if the boat is really old, or if it’s a “retro” looking new model.

Thanks to guys at New England Correct Craft (Craig and Jeff Warner) I was able to locate the following parts for the boat. Propeller, rudder, rudder port, drive shaft and strut. The previous owner had really neglected this area of the boat. I had the transmission rebuild by Atlantis Marine Gear Supply, recovered the rear seat, rebuilt the carburetor and distributor and had a custom cover made to fit. The boat runs, drives, looks and skis GREAT!! Yes, it’s for sale!

<#photo3#>The boat is a daily driver in the summer months. My wife and I use it for everything from slow cruises around the lake to pulling tubers and skiers. I come home from work, throw off the cover and take turns skiing laps around the lake with my wife! By the way- she’s a fabulous driver!! From what I can tell, it has the original windshield, center console, gauges, engine/ transmission and rear seat. The lights, bow and stern chocks, steering wheel, front seats, color and decals have been upgraded with more modern versions. A teak swim platform, aftermarket tachometer and fish finder had been added. All these upgrades add to the functionality and looks of the boat. Even though I’m not a fisherman, it’s nice to have the depth gauge.

<#photo4#> The boat has dual controls (two sticks) in the center console. One is the transmission control which allows you to shift the boat from neutral (center) forward and reverse. The other control which has a slightly larger handle is the throttle control. At first, using two levers was a foreign experience and required some thought to operate, but now it’s second nature. Pulling up to a dock on a windy day, maneuvering at slow speeds and managing the tow rope for new (or picky) skiers sure is fun in this boat! The boat rides great in the water. The bow seems a bit high out of the water at times and will porpoise at high speeds when there are a couple extra people in the back seat. It tracks straight, turns on a dime and puts out a beautiful skier’s wake!

A pull behind this boat just brings a huge smile to your face! That is the essence of these old Correct Crafts! Thanks Keith for bringing us together here!

Anyone in the New England area who would like to see the boat, share parts, a ski around the lake, or a cold beer feel free to contact me!

Brad Harper
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