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Updated: 9/17/2011 (9 years ago)
Originally Posted: 2/27/2010
Total Views: 2,231
Owner: Marty Mabe
Forum Nickname: martymabe
Location: High Point, NC

Model: 1993 Ski Nautique
Length: 19.5
Engine: Ford PCM 351
HP: 240
Hours: 640
Hull ID: CTC30073H293

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This is my 2nd CC. It’s a 2 owner boat, originally bought by a CC mechanic on Lake George, NY in 1993, who in turn sold it to the 2nd owner in NJ, who had a place on Lake George. All maintenance was done at Adirondack Marine. I saw it on craigslist for about a month back in Feb. 2009, and the Purple was calling me. I e-mailed the guy, did some correspondence with him for 6 months thru the summer of 2009, and told him I wanted the boat. He said after the season was over, he knew that he was gonna have to sell it, because his son needed tuition money for college and his work was slow as a general contractor. It started out at $9k on craigslist, after a couple of e-mails, he said he’d take $8k for it. He had fun thru the summer with it, e-mailed me back to say he’s ready to sell. If I wanted it, he’d give me first crack at it. In the meantime, it was at Lake George with a For Sale sign on it. I told him to let me talk with my wife, and see about getting the money together. He called me back in late August and said a guy offered him $5k for it, he countered with $5500 - was the least he could take. The guy said that he would give that for the boat. He said he had a guy in NC that has dibs on the boat, that he’d have to check with me and let him know. He told me the story, said if I really wanted it, he’d deliver it to me for $6k. I asked him how fast he could bring it down then. On Sept. 19, 2009, he delivered the boat, and I was grinning from ear to ear, and still am.We took the boat out to Oak Hollow Lake about 5 minutes away and took it for a spin.It was awesome! He told me to take the helm.I did and fell in love right then! I could’nt get back to the dock fast enough to seal this deal. He said,Can I drive her 1 more time? I said sure, take her on in.We parked her out front and went inside to close the deal. He said he hadn’t had a job in a month, I asked why he kept lowering the price, and he said he needed the money bad, because his family was having a rough time. We sat down at the table, signed the title, I gave him the money, we shook hands, and he said he’d better head on back before he changed his mind. I told him he better count his money before he left, and he said I trust you. I told him the deal was off then if he didn’t count it. He counted it and said - whoa there’s $6500 here. I told him I knew that. Take the money and keep in touch. Well, instead of another handshake, he gave me a hug. Well, the rest is history I guess. The boat isn’t perfect but everyone that has seen it and rode in it who knows about CC’s said that I ought to be ashamed, because I stole that boat. So I guess the "Purple Rain" has found a home.
Marty Mabe
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