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Updated: 6/22/2011 (9 years ago)
Originally Posted: 1/29/2010
Total Views: 2,757
Owner: Mike Valant
Forum Nickname: mdvalant
Location: Bellevue, IA

Model: 1990 Ski Nautique
Length: 19.6
Engine: Ford PCM 351
HP: 240
Hours: 1400

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I’m posting this for my dad since the beloved Ski is actually his. :) My dad purchased the boat in 1992 from a great family friend who has owned well over a dozen Correct Craft Ski Nautiques in his day. When dad was looking to buy a serious ski boat he was looking at some brendelas and centurions and what not. Joe (the friend) said no way. You’re buying mine. So, dad made out pretty good on that deal. I think I could thank Joe every day for selling us this thing! As many of you can tell it’s a 90 Ski with 1400 hours. It has never been re-stickered, has never had new upholstery, and nothing major has ever been done to the motor. We do not allow shoes in the boat and are very stringent when it comes to clean feet and clean board shorts. We have a fan setup in the ceiling of the garage to dry the floor out after a day of pulling skiers. We never ski with the backseat in the boat, always pull the back boards by the gas tank out to dry, lift the seats, motor box, and battery cover. We have been using the boat for our personal ski team since 1990 along with a couple other Ski Nautiques. Years ago, this boat, along with Max Reedís 1989 (the ’89 is now owned by Chris Conrad - SNobsessed) and Joe Murguiaís new 1993 Ski for featured in an issue of NautiqueNews. This was a magazine most of you have probably heard of. The boats were actually sitting in the same driveway that dadís is sitting in for this picture. We could never go with anything else. Now that I am "kind of" grown up I’ll be in the market for a Nautique of my own soon.... There’s endless stories that I could share about the boat and what kind of setup we have for it but I don’t want to bore the unwilling. So, if you want to know more just message me and I will be happy to chat.

New to the stable is a 2000 Sport Nautique. We sold this boat this spring to a family friend and it now resides on the Coralville Lake in North Liberty, IA. (a lake I hang out on occasion) Glad the boat went to a good home and also excited to see it again in the future. We miss it already!
Mike Valant
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