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Previous Owner: Alejandro Lalor
Location: Bryan, TX

Model: 1987 Martinique
Length: 20.2
Engine: Ford PCM 351
HP: 310

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This boat has a deep v-hull that makes big wakes and provides a very smooth ride. It will barely move or bounce on choppy waters or when crossing the wake for the double up. The wake is big even without added ballast.

The interior of the boat is huge for a 20 ft boat. 9 or more people can be very comfortable and all their gear. There are two storage lockers under the front seats, two on the passage to the main deck, and more room behind the observer seat. Then there is a big locker behind the back seat, against the transom where 3 wakeboards with bindings can be stored at the same time.

I do have the filler cushion that can be added on the bow to convert it to a playpen, and the snap on bow cover to reduce the wind in the cool days..

Sound: Get ready for great tunes at the lake. The sound deck is an Aiwa MP32, that plays MP3 CD s’, so you can put 200 songs on one CD and play all day long, you can also see the information about the song displayed on the screen. The boat has 2 6x9 Alpine speakers under the windshield and 2 5x7 Pioneers under the gunwales, powered directly by the deck, and it is plenty for just cruising around. The deck also signals an Alpine V12 amplifier that is under the gunwale on the starboard side. This amp powers a 12 inch subwoofer under the windshield and 4 6.5" speakers on the tower, so you can hear your tunes while wakeboarding or skiing. 9 speakers total. The sound system is powered by an extra battery that is isolated from the main system when the ignition is turned off, so you can’t run down the main battery, play your music without fear of not being able to start the engine.

Tower: The tower is really stiff, has no flex whatsoever. It is very solid too. Best part is that it is very easy to fold and put back up, I put it up or down in less than 3 minutes. When folded, it is below windshield level, and has attachments to secure it while transporting, so you can transport the boat safely with the tower down. There is an extra beam for all the accessories, there is where the speakers are mounted. There is also a light bar with high intensity halogen lights, two forward and two backwards to illuminate where you are going and to see the boarder, also helps the boarder see the wake (rear lights are not connected yet). The anchor/stern light is also mounted here for extra visibility and ease of use, no need to be putting the pole up when lights are needed, also it is out of the way for the rope. This is the low glare style not to bother the driver.

Wake: The wake of this boat is huge due to the 4000 lbs empty the boat weighs and the v-shaped hull, but also there’s an integrated 1000 lbs ballast system that can be filled or emptied with the flip of a switch from the driver’s seat. The ballast is out of the way and out of sight. It is hardly needed unless going to do some wake surfing or an insanely big wake is needed. For slalom skiing, the Accu Trim tabs can be lowered and the wake moderates a little, this picture was taken with the tabs up. But even with the tabs down it puts too much wake to realistically do competitive slalom skiing, but for practice or recreational it works great, the pylon is solid and nothing gets in the way, the rope goes from side to side with no problem.

Swim Platform:
Huge teak swim platform, much bigger than most any other ski boats, so there’s plenty of room to put on boards, skis, etc. Being so big, also adds to the safety factor since it keeps the propeller further away from reach. As all the rest of the teak it was cleaned, oiled and sealed with Interlux products last year. It looks really good, even after heavy use. The ski locker was modified and it opens from the sides, so it can be reached from the platform and/or from the back seat, the two covers are air-spring loaded.

Engine was Overhauled last summer. It has 688 hours total, but only 100 hours after the overhaul. The overhaul included brand new GT-40P cylinder heads from Ford Motorsports, with new valves, springs, etc. The engine also has digital fuel injection (easy starts when cold, smooth acceleration, more fuel efficient, automatic compensation for temperatures and altitude, etc.) and electronic ignition (no more messing around with points or condenser, or adjusting the dwell). The engine was regularly serviced, it has less than 5 hours on new spark plugs and 42 hours on oil, if buyer wants I can change the oil before picking her up. This engine runs like new, with well over 300 hp, nothing to envy to the new boats. Engine is a Ford 351 Windsor by PleasureCraft Marine, and now would be the equivalent to the GT-40 that came on the late model Nautiques.

Velvet Drive 71C transmission: Rebuilt with new clutches, new seals and gaskets, less than 10 hours after rebuilt.

Propeller: This boat has a 4 blade propeller for extra acceleration, especially under heavy loads. it was custom built by OJ Johnson propellers after talking with them to figure out the best pitch and size for this boat and the use I gave it. It is a 12 x 13 RH and it is in excellent shape. The rudder is the original rudder from the boat, but the control cable was replaced a year and a half ago with a Teleflex cable that should provide many years or worry free steering.

Inside the boat:

-The upholstery of the boat was completely redone last year with marine grade vinyl, it has most of it Nautolex with Prefixx for long life and easy cleaning.

-The two bucket seats are two and a half years old and so is their cover. They have a few very small tears, but overall they are in very good shape. These bucket seats have the flip up bolster for extra visibility, they come in very handy, especially at the driver’s seat. there are drawers under both bucket seats. The bow seating is ample and comfortable as is the rear bench seat, which has been raised for more comfort, more leg room and to fit the ballast and extra battery underneath. All the teak has been clean, oiled and sealed and looks really good. The speedometer has been replaced with a new Airguide jeweled contralog speedometer which is much more accurate.

Trailer: Original Correct Craft trailer, designed for this boat. Tandem axle for extra safety and smoother ride. Tall guides for steep ramps. Bearing are good and have been greased regularly. Tires are in decent shape. Surge breaks don’t work as it is normal with these trailers.

-Gelcoat is in very good shape for a boat this age. The black stripe was repainted with Interlux Brightside Polyurethane last year. Pictures are taken with the boat dry, after a regular wash, would probably be more shiny with a polish and a wax job.

-Some of the pinstripes need to be replaced, which is cheap and easy to do. The stickers are less than a year old.

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