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Updated: 3/12/2014 (10 years ago)
Originally Posted: 9/28/2008
Total Views: 2,475
Owner: Keith McIntyre
Forum Nickname: 68_skylark
Location: Metamora, MI

Model: 1967 Skylark
Length: 15.6
Engine: 300 Buick V-8
HP: 202

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This is our ’68 Skylark. We purchased her in 2006 as a basket case. The engine (supposedly original) had been rebuilt, and the upholstery had just been refreshed, new gel coat had been applied but is cracking in some places already.

Once we got the engine in and running, replacing the starter, carburetor, flame arrester and alternator with up graded marine components. We had it out and running when the exhaust manifolds let loose. Aluminum does corrode! So off to Australia to have new HiTek manifolds built for her. Due to 2500 mile communication error we needed to change the exhaust to 3” from the manifolds to the transom, good thing too because the old hoses had holes big enough to sink her, so she got new 3‘ hoses and tips from Hardin Marine. We then had the engine box widened 6” to clear the manifolds (If I knew this was necessary I would have had Allan add a bit more clearance for plugs and installation!)

I may not have as much into her as I sold my Malibu for, but it’s getting real close!

On the to do list is new stringers eventually (they are still pretty solid, just a little loose where the engine mounts are. Replace the PTO throttle conversion someone added at a prior date, I envision a Morse control behind the front dash and use the original shift control lever for both transmission and throttle. New astro turf carpet to match the original. I am also looking for an original windshield or at least have a replacement made with the split to emulate the original. The trailer is correct for the boat (the serial number indicates it may be the original) so it will get a good sand blast and paint, new rear guides and bow support, springs, wheels (original type with baby moons and glamour rings) I am also looking at adding surge brakes (disk). It does not need them when I use the Yukon to pull her but they would be nice with the Sonoma.

Attached are some pictures of her inaugural weekend some cruising, tricking and surfing. No one has slalomed behind her yet but the trick passes indicated a small but very hard wake in the 32-35 foot off range. Lots of looks and positive comments on our “Baby Blue Bathtub” which we all love.

March 2014 Update: The registration was wrong when we bought the boat. She is actually a 1967 (not 1968) as confirmed by Art Cozier. THANK YOU ART!
Keith McIntyre
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