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Updated: 2/23/2013 (9 years ago)
Originally Posted: 3/26/2008
Total Views: 3,646
Owner: Jim Mastrom
Forum Nickname: jimsport93
Location: Alpharetta, GA

Model: 1993 Sport Nautique
Length: 21
Engine: 5.8 PCM Pro Boss
HP: 285

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My love affair with Correct Craft boats began during the summer of 1976, after my sophomore year of college. I was hired by Lanier Harbor Marina, Buford, GA as a boat launcher. My duties were to retrieve customer owned and new boats from storage, then to launch, top off with fuel and secure at the courtesy dock. Lanier Harbor Marina was also a Correct Craft dealer at the time. I got to drive a lot of different boats. What a great summer job!

The handling, power, quality and styling of the Correct Craft boats especially impressed me. Owning a Correct Craft boat, specifically a "Sport Nautique", has been a dream of mine ever since.

During that summer I had the pleasure of meeting Walt Meloon. One of our new Correct Craft customers had driven his new "Southwind" right up in the pine trees (thankfully, no fatalities), claiming the steering on the boat had frozen. Mr. Meloon arrived to do an inspection of the accident. It was my duty to escort him via a "Ski Tique" to the accident site and to also interview witnesses. His professionalism and concern added an extra dimension to the term "Correct Craft quality". It turned out that the owner had been watching a skier and drove the boat right into the trees.

My dream of owning a Correct Craft finally came true back in June of 2007. I purchased a very pampered 1993 Sport Nautique from its original owner. I found the boat on another website first, before discovering it was also on CorrectCraftFan.com.

It has been a real joy to own such a fine boat. There is definitely a difference! This website has been a great help. Thanks to all the great Correct Craft fans for your input.

Jim Mastrom
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