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Updated: 9/25/2020 (4 years ago)
Originally Posted: 12/10/2007
Total Views: 2,690
Owner: Kevin Tice
Forum Nickname: Kevin's '79
Location: Florence, AL

Model: 1997 Ski Nautique
Length: 19.5
Engine: GT40
HP: 310

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My first memory of the Ski Nautique was in the late seventies. We had an old Glaspar run about with a 75hp Evinrude. When my dad and brothers would go out to ski we would occasionally see a Ski Nautique. I loved the way the boats sounded and looked with the large Ski Nautique graphics. I had my first ride in a Ski Nautique in the early eighties and was hooked. I knew that my first boat would be a Ski Nautique.

I bought my first Ski Nautique in 1987 just 2 weeks before I got married. I still have the same wife, but have owned several Ski Nautiques. My first Ski Nautique was a 2 owner '74. I kept it until 1992 when I purchased a '92 Ski Nautique. This was a great boat and I kept it until 1995. I sold it in 1995 because my kids were young and it wasn't getting used. From 1995 until 2001, I used my Dad's '74 Mustang. I knew that I would own a Ski Nautique again someday and in 2001 I found a 1 owner '79 Ski Nautique. I kept this boat until April 2007.

In February I purchased my current boat which is a '97 Ski Nautique. I found this boat on the Correct Craft Fan site. I bought it from Chris Floyd and the boat was in near perfect condition. The boat only had 171 hrs on it. The boat looks new and no one can believe it is 10 years old. Thanks to Chris for taking care of this boat and having it meet my very picky standards. I love the old Correct Crafts, but this boat is by far the best one I've ever owned. The boat has the GT40 engine. It also has perfect pass speed control. At first my kids didn't want me to sell my '79. They love the old classics as much as I do. It took them a while, but they really like the new boat now. I don't know if this will be my last Ski Nautique or not. If it's not I do know any boat that I own will definitely be a Correct Craft.

Thanks to Keith and the Correct Craft Fan site for helping me find my current boat and for helping me sell my Dad's '74 Mustang, my '79 Ski Nautique, and a '90 Ski Nautique that I owned for a short period of time.

Kevin's '79
Kevin Tice
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