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Owner: Thomas Ryan
Location: Gatlinburg, TN

Model: 1969 Torino
Length: 16
Engine: 351W
HP: 240

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This is a 1969 v-drive Torino. CC made three different boats on this 16’ hull. a Torino, a Separator and a Spoiler.

My first CC was a ’72 Separator. She stayed in the family for 20 years until she was sold back to the original owner in 1998. I searched for years to find another like her and here she is.......

This boat has the pop out windshield. There was a bubble type that was also available. < dash shot >

She also sports some fixed trim tabs. i hope to replace these with adjustable tabs and remove the ladder when she goes under the knife.

My ’sellers remorse’ hit hard after selling the Separator. I found one in alabama, restored for 44k. New England CC had a green hull with the bubble windshield for 7k. I kept looking. I had purchased a 1960 18’ mahogany Starflite utility with a 225 hp Graymarine Fireball v-8 before i sold the Separator, so I was not boatless.

The orange ’72 nautique surfaced and a phone call was made. I was skiing again. Less than two weeks later, this Torino pops up. Picking up the phone, dialing 1 and ten digits will get you into trouble.

The boat was in Goshen IN, so arrangements where made to meet in Dayton on the way to the Ohio CC reunion. I was shocked when i first saw her. The gelcoat is cracked everywhere. The Holman Moody engine had been replaced with a regular rotation automotive motor. The rudder was held in with jb weld. The HM manifolds had blown and been patched. The stringers and floor where rotten and the seats look like they came from Ricardo Montoban’s secret stash. The roller type trailer was one oxygen molecule away from the junk pile. I was sick of looking. She had potential. I went against my better judgement and hooked her up to my truck.

She sat in the barn for a month while i searched for a trailer. I got a little curious one day and took the ’72 (which sits on an excellent ’89 cc trailer) and the Torino to the ramp to try the Torino on the ski boat trailer. I backed her in, gave the throttle a couple pumps, pulled the manual choke and turned the key. IT’S ALIVE. I let her warm up on the trailer and check the engine temp by putting my hand on both exhaust manifolds. (S.O.P. for the starflite with two thermostats.) The shaft log is leaking a little and water is pouring in around the rudder. This is when i notice the lack of a bilge pump. I gave myself that ’ you only live once’ speech and slipped her into reverse.

My buddy pulled the crap trailer out and backed the ’72 in the water. Well, i just could not help myself. I pointed towards open water and squeezed down on the morse control. She was on plane in a couple boat lengths and both speedos pegged quickly. I back off and turn the wheel. Nothing happens, so i chop the throttle.

This is a v-drive, so the rudder is under the motor. A quick inspection shows that the block clamp is loose on the stringer and the rudder will move after turning the helm 3/4 turn. I idle back to the awaiting trailer with a big smile and about 8" of water in the bilge.

She fits on the ski trailer like a glove. My buddy pulls us up the ramp for a closer inspection. It is looking good until i pull the transom drain plug and the brass hull sleeve comes out with it. I let the water drain and plug it from the inside.

I hope to get started on her soon, but I won’t drive her again until i fix a few things. First item will be the steering and the second will be a safety collar on those shafts spinning under my feet. A whirlaway would be nice, but i would loose reverse.

A guy from NECC sent me a few pictures of his v-drive Spoiler and Separator. My i/o Separator would top out at 50 mph, but this guys says I can get 60 with the v-drive set up. We’ll see.

Thomas Ryan
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