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Updated: 10/6/2006 (18 years ago)
Originally Posted: 10/6/2006
Total Views: 8,451
Owner: David Ossoff
Location: Concord, NH

Model: 1963 American Skier
Length: 16
Engine: Universal V6 Sabre
HP: 130

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My neighbor bought this boat new in 1963 and I grew up admiring it, getting an occasional ride. He took meticulous care of it, I would often watch or help with beginning or end of season maintenance. When he decided to sell it in 1981 he gave me the first offer and I jumped at it.

Since then it has spent a lot of time cruising and pulling skiers. Though it doesn’t have the HP of the newer boats it pulls skiers up quickly and has enough speed for solid slalom skiing.

My family has certainly become attached to the boat, it is fun and very smooth to drive at speed and nothing is more relaxing than a slow cruise with a rumbling inboard. The boat has been amazingly reliable, especially given that it has spent a lot of skiing time at near full throttle.
David Ossoff
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