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Updated: 10/23/2019 (14 months ago)
Originally Posted: 10/2/2019
Total Views: 635
Owner: John Beattie
Forum Nickname: beattie
Location: Winter Park Orlando, FL
Phone: jrbeattie2@aol.com

Model: 1991 Ski Nautique
Length: 0
HP: 0
Hours: 0

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This 1991 Ski Nautique is the third of four Correct Craft boats in our family over the years. Our first was a 1977 Ski Nautique that we bought from Southeast Correct Craft back in 1979. We kept it on Lake Maitland in Winter Park. There weren't too many Ski Nautiques on the lakes back then but even still ours stood out. It had a unique "rainbow" lettering (blue blending into green then yellow and then red). Also, rather than the Pleasure Craft Ford motor, it had an OMC with a Chevy 350. After twelve or so years, my dad sold it (for exactly what he paid for it and bought a Sport Nautique (I think he also sold that boat for about what he paid and bought a newer Sport with a vee-drive a few years ago). I still miss that first Ski Nautique. I bought this 1991 Ski Nautique in 1994 from a guy going through a divorce. Borrowed a trailer from Carl Roberge to tow it from Narcossee to my house on Lake Waunatta. I was told that it was originally owned by Mark O'Meara, the golfer. I've spent some time cleaning it up lately. Upholstery by Greg of "Dave's Upholstery" in Altamonte Springs. Carburetor rebuilt by Junior at Junior's Holley Carbs in Cocoa. DUI distributor. New stereo (not too loud).. And along with some sanding and polishing she looks and runs almost good as new and good enough that the kids have quit asking for a newer one. Until they switch from skiing to wake-boarding I guess.
John Beattie
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