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Updated: 6/15/2018 (32 days ago)
Originally Posted: 6/2/2018
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Owner: Charles Louis
Forum Nickname: Charles
Location: Thousand Oaks, CA
Phone: (818) 879-3896

Model: 1979 Ski Tique
Length: 17
Engine: 302 is gone
HP: 300
Hours: 0
Hull ID:
Price: $500 or Trade

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I acquired this boat as part of a real bad trade deal. I did not want it because I already have two boats but it ended up becoming mine anyway. It sat in my driveway for about a year until I decided that I needed to do something with it. I uncovered it, inspected it and made a list of things wrong.

I should have stripped it, sold whatever parts would sell, cut up the hull and thrown it in the trash, sold the trailer and be done with it right then. Nope, not me. In a state of insobriety I found this bot to be useful and valuable because it is small enough to fit in a toy hauler and has a V8 that can pull a heavy guy out of a deep water start on a single ski with three people on board.

So I stripped the boat and sent all of the hardware out for refinishing. The black window frame was polished to a chrome like finish. All of the chrome and stainless was polished and all of the teak wood was refinished. I had hand ed kiln dried vertical grain outside cut stringers installed after I stabilized the boat and trued the hull. I had a professional fiberglass tech come to do all of the glass work. He measured everything and made a notebook of how things were to go back together; and I thought that I had hit a home run.

I being a very competent engine builder, rebuilt the original 302 and included some fun hot rod pieces. This was going to be one of the nicest and most trick little Ski Tique boats on the planet. I did notice a slight error in the flooring installation, but it could easily be fixed. But when I ped in the engine I found out that the floor was installed about 2 1/2" too high. I was so pissed that I just put the boat in storage and did nothing until I cooled off a bit. Now that I have cooled off and and am over spending $2500 alone on the hull and another $1190 on storage, I have the rage out of my system. I also have any incentive to complete this project out of my system. I just want it gone.

I am going to sell separately the engine and pieces that I refurbished. But if you have a Ski Tique that needs a floor and stringers and the hull is messed up, instead of spending what I did, here is your opportunity to save a bunch of money and cut your time in half as well. I am selling the boat and trailer to anybody who needs it or wants it. The hull is in better condition than what you see in the picture before I took it apart and I put a swing away tongue on the trailer. I also have a new axle for the trailer, the proper width so the tires are where they are supposed to be. The guy before me had to change the axle and installed/refitted the wrong one because it was free. The trailer is worth at least $500. I will sell the boat separately for any offer, but will not sell the trailer without the boat having a home first.

I am open to any offer(s) for the boat hull with, or without, the trailer. If you have the inclination to put the whole boat back together, and it is certainly worth doing if you have the time, I would consider offers in the $3500+ area for everything. The engine alone is worth more than that, as is the transmission that is attached, the ski pole, the hardware, windshield, etc.

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Charles Louis
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